We find pleasure in our practical approach, our pragmatism and our ability to get things done, quickly and cost effectively.

What’s more, we meticulously investigate better ways to do things. We are innovative in our approach and alternatives so as to provide value for money and ensure we offer specific products that perform.

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Drew Davis Drew Davis , Freda Group

Att: Real Estate Investors

"If your company is about leads and analytical data then you need Mychael's team's help. The bottom-line for all coaches and consultants is to create active videos that put potential clients in an engaging manner in which they tell you what they are looking for when it comes to a coach or consultant. We highly recommend that you allow the PrTrafic Group help your team convert your message into a behavioral video."

Ron Ron , Niche Marketing Team

"Video Marketing Content Overload"

After working for a few decades and as retirement caught up to me, I found myself thinking, “What do I need to do next?” In turn, I had to ask myself another question, “What other kinds of jobs would offer me more flexibility and satisfaction?” And then to my surprise I began to focus on Facebook and finally found the satisfaction that perfectly fit my circumstances. I learned how powerful video marketing has become, which in turn lead me to Mychael’s PR Traffic Group. If you want a strategy to be put in place for your company, then by all means give them a call.



meet our professors

Gideon  Shalwick Gideon Shalwick "Yoda video master", Veeroll

He built over 200,000 global email subscribers for my his own brands and he is  the co-founder of Veeroll, a powerful platform that makes getting traffic from YouTube and Facebook VIDEO Ads . With over 17 MILLION video ads served in it’s first 2 years, Veeroll is set to disrupt the video advertising landscape forever!

Anja Kicken Anja Kicken "Obi-Wan Kenobi jedi of video ", veeroll

Content Manager - at veeroll. Integrate many components including: hidden rules, video modeling, self-regulation, and problem solving to help the user, understand concept and make gains towards application of skills.

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